Lots of Driftwood Branches

Lot of Driftwood featured in the AGA Aquascaping Contest this year. couple of examples here. We are always Happy to put together custom sets that will meet your needs, feel free to contact us.

Joe’s Latest Beauty

Joe purchased one of my wife’s favorite pieces and cut it up, She was not happy with him till she saw the Finished Product- PRETTY AWESOME! I Think the pictures speak for themselves, a little imagination and the ability to reimagine go along way when it comes to setting up aquascape.

AGA International Aquascaping Contest

It’s that time of year again the AGA Aquascaping Contest is underway  and accepting entries thur September.  It is a little late this year to get a design together but start planning for next year.  They publish the winners in November and I am always excited to see the New Designs.  I’ve posted a few […]

Marie’s Tank

I know my tank is not professional or high tech like others but I think my discus really like the branches. They are currently hanging on top and I actually like it like that. Thank you very much for the additional branches.They rock!

Andy’s Tank

Andy used some simple pieces in a unique way to add interest and texture, in addition to the visual impact,  the Manzanita also help keep the PH more balanced.  The Rocks in the tank can raise the PH, while the Driftwood lowers it.  Nice Job Andy.

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Len’s Tank – Looking Good

My tank in progress Always in front of this thing these days, patiently waiting for the dwarf hairgrass to carpet. I think that would completely change the tank for the awesome. Hopefully!

If you can Imagine it, We can Provide it - Premium Aquarium Driftwood