Specializing in Premium Manzanita Aquarium Driftwood

Manzanita is the ideal choice for aquarium & reptile use.  It is an extremely dense, durable wood, chemically neutral, non-toxic, resistant to rot and will last for years & years.  Aquarium Driftwood provides a stimulating environment with it’s varies shapes and textures, it also readily accepts plants & mosses to further enhance your space.  All of the aquarium wood that we sell has been naturally aged, thoroughly dried out and sandblasted to remove debris and minimize tannins.

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 Sandblaster is up and running again, but we will be continue selling Natural Non Sandblasted Manzanita at a discounted price.  These items are still naturally dried out and suitable for aquarium use, just be sure to presoak and give them a good scrubbing.   

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Amazing seller! Great experience!

These shipped fast, and look and feel great. I am already using them.

Wow! So impressed! Very generous! Better than expected! Thank you so much 🙂 A++

By far, the most expensive stick I’ll ever own, but WOW what a great stick it is 

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